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Floor systems made of natural stone granules

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

natural stone floor coverings, the alternative floor covering material, is enjoying an ever-
increasing popularity.

Representative, and yet with a dash of understatement, our decorative quartz pebble floor
coverings are suitable for all commercial or private spaces.Whether showroom, retail store
or lobby: natural stone floor coverings offers design in stone and is compatible with any
decorative scheme you choose.

Twenty-five standard colors, as well as many special tones, make natural stone floor cover-
ings an important optical and interior design-planning element.

Applied in a thickness of only 8 mm, natural stone floor coverings can be applied to any
surface: tile, stone or concrete. Highest quality material and professional laying by
especially chosen specialized contractors guarantee optimal usages by both planer and

Diverse material advantages have lead to increased acceptance of natural stone floor cover-
ings, which can be adapted for industrial spaces by using thicker surfaces and a greater
density of granules.

Fitness studios, pool decks and sauna areas are among the popular uses in the hotels and
restaurants. The short period needed to lay natural stone floor coverings makes only a brief
interruption of business necessary.

The enclosed brochure that also offers visual impressions of natural stone floor coverings
provides further information. We can naturally advise you personally and work out individual
solutions to specific problems.

Advantages of Natural Stone Floors Coverings

Seamless optics regardless of background.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Any surface is suitable because the material hardens without tension.Uneven sections can be fixed in a simple process..

High durability material resistant to wear and tear.

The porous structure means less weight, high sound absorption
and skid resistance.

Made without solvents and softening agents, therefore
physiologically sound.

High ultra-violet stability through the use of high-quality binder.

Suitable for floor heating systems.

Allows dampness to pass through because it is porous and is
applied without preliminary coatings.

Can be easily combined with other materials and applied to
uneven floor coverings, thus providing greater design flexibility.

Because it allows dampness to pass through it can be applied
to surfaces that are not treated for water resistance.

Hygienically irreproachable because the floor covering does
not contain micro pores.

Trouble-free because the space for displacement does not
change when covered with heavy loads.

Can be applied to irreparable or unstable surfaces.

Its porous structure allows for drainage, making it suitable for
terraces and balconies.

Can be applied completely waste free.

Its structure retains heat, providing extra warmth in winter.

Elasticity due to the pointed gluing of the quartz pebbles.

It is also suitable for kitchens and gastronomic businesses
because the surface can be made water resistant and easier
to clean by applying a special top coating.

Wall coatings and baseboards are also possible.

Special designs such as monograms and logos can be inlaid.

Representative quartz pebble floor coverings are suitable for all commercial and private
spaces. Whether showroom or store, whether large or small space, it gives every object
a personal touch.

Natural Sone Floor Coverings can also be easily applied outdoors on terraces, balco-
nies, ramps and stairs, providing an optical eye-catcher.

The durable material is easy to care for. All you need is a vacuum cleaner indoors and a
water hose outdoors.

Quartz pebble floor coverings offers design in stone and can be used ininnumerable ways.
Logos and texts as well as special patterns and color combinations can be inlaid for lobbies.

Resilient natural stone quartz pebble floor coverings are ideal for heavily frequented areas,
like car dealerships and fitness studios. Countless official test certificates prove its suita-
bility for wheelchairs, and, among other qualities, being non-combustible, skid resistant
and durable.

Natural stone floor coverings can be easily applied to any surface starting with a thickness
of 6 mm. It can be walked on after 24 hours and heavy loads can be placed on it after 48
hours. This guarantees that shops renewing their floors can quickly use the space again.

Natural stone can be combined with other floor coverings, for example carpet, tile, and
marble, offering a personalized and individual style. Every nook and cranny, every corner,
and rounded section can be easily decorated with natural stone floor coverings.

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